Paya Island (Pulau Payar) located between Langkawi and Penang Road, the island is covered with lush green forest clearing, smooth and white sandy beaches, turquoise ocean, blue sky, more Baya island adds picturesque landscape , making her one of Malaysia's most delightful beautiful island. Paia sea around the island best for snorkeling, diving and swimming. Colorful world of the sea is also widely known reputation at home and abroad every year to attract a large number of visitors, Europe, Hong Kong, Taiwan and New Maren Mu name came to see her feminine style faster. Paia Island Pulau Payar, Kedah, Malaysia west, Malacca Strait islands, Kedah estuary 24 kilometers, 20 kilometers southeast of Langkawi, located 6 ° 3'51 "N 100 ° 2'26" E, the Baya Island ( Pulau Payar) and Sri Lanka dare East Island (Palau Segantang), glass Island (Palau Kaca), Lun portion Island (Pulau Lembu) composed of four islands. Paia island is covered with dense forest, there are white sandy beaches around, it is one of Malaysia's most delightful beautiful island, an area of ​​0.25 square kilometers Baya island. 1985 was the Malaysian government as marine protected areas, the island has Baya Island Marine Park, where visitors can enjoy diving and sea in a variety of tropical fish and beautiful coral. Near the sea 30-32 meters deep, muddy seabed. Malaysian waters around important fishing grounds, rich mackerel. Muddy coastal aquaculture mussels, crabs abound.


The marine environment

We often hear about the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and its diverse marine environment , in fact, the marine environment Paia Island may not be less than Australia's Great Barrier Reef, the island of the same Baya has a perfect coral reef ecosystems , the island is love diving and snorkeling are the best choice of location , Paia Island waters sheltered a variety of fish and coral , enough to attract the attention of a person continuously for hours .When divers dive into the deep ocean near the island , you will certainly find a variety of fish species in coral reefs around roaming, including bass , flintlock gunmen fish populations horse socket , turtles, a variety of fish Darcy Roxy , young black end sharks, moray eels and brown fish reconnaissance , Mino , spots bubble fish , butterfly fish , angel fish , sea anemones , sea urchins, starfish , barrel sponges , sea cucumbers and other fish , in addition to fish , undersea reef species also numerous, including A fruit Pulaski , Bath soil column , Andi Butters and other coral


Raft ride camp Wobblesprocket dreamland

Interested in Payar on the island overnight tourists , tourism companies will be particularly put up tents on the floating stage , acting as temporary visitors bed, tent with mattresses , so you sleep more comfortable, more sweet. A total of 450 platen allows people to sleep, large and small tent with a double formula , the formula 4 and 8 type, come on, let the raft at sea gently shake your dreamland ...... Baya Island is Malaysia one marine Park , marine sports paradise. Here you can with colorful marine life and clear waters melt into one, and enjoy the azure ocean common ups and downs , and the shark dance fun.

Customer feedback

The beach was small and crowded. We will arrived around 11 am and left at 3 pm. We had seen clearer water and better beach on an small island near Pucket, but the small sharks there at Pulau Payar were really cool. They are harmless as long as you keep your distance and keep away any food. Groups of colorful coral fish fathered around us as the people near us fed them. The crews and guides from Langkawi Coral island were friendly and responsible.


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